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Applications and Energy Saving Tips

From this page you can access tips and applications by the Market Segments listed below - click the highlighted text to link to that area.

All segments would generally benefit for the information under the Solutions Link.


Utilities management exchange:

Also this in each market segment there will be an area for information sharing or a tips forum where anyone can make a comment or contribute their tip or application.  Just send an email to stating what market segment, your idea or application that's worked for you, pictures and charts can be included. Your name if you wish and email or contact information. Your information may be edited to fit, but should appear on the site within a week of submission. We could see some lively discussion here. Hopefully this will be a good source of helpful ideas.

This section includes tips and applications for the Hotel and Motel market.

This section will cover hospitals, immediate care, etc.

The focus of this section is mainly Commercial Office space, Real Estate Investment Trusts.