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Reduce Energy Costs

For most of us this is not an issue for every day purchases. We usually read up on a product and shop around if it is a personal purchase or in business we usually seek bids and evaluate specifications. With energy we do not have many choices, we can evaluate energy switching, for example going from an electric to gas application or visa versa; but there had not been many or any choice regarding an energy supplier. That is changing.

Our key approach with any new customer is to look at how, when and where they use energy; then move to looking at better ways to manage their energy use and costs. We feel before you can begin to think about seeking alternative energy supplies you need to have a thorough understanding of how and where you are consuming energy.

Approaches to Controlling Energy Costs

All of the methods for reducing energy costs can be divided into four basic categories.

  • Reduce Consumption – simply put this could mean operating fewer hours or turning off lights when not needed;    
  • Increase Process and Equipment Efficiency – this might include high efficiency motors, high efficiency lighting with electronic ballast, reduction of excess air requirements on boilers, reconfiguring a process, heat reclaim, etc    
  • Alter Facility Operations – an example would be moving some of your more energy intense work or processes to off-peak time periods; which is difficult for hospitals, retail and commercial office space. Although peak shaving with on site generation can be used to have similar impacts on utility billings.    
  • Obtain Better Energy Pricing – our philosophy maintains that you need to have an understanding of your facilities’ energy use and needs before your begin to seek alternative to your existing supplier. It is important to also note that the price you pay for energy is probably only 30 to 50% of your total energy bill; the balance is basically transportation and distribution costs. An understanding of your facilities, your procedures and your needs is the place to start. We can help you evaluate supply alternatives and manage supply side risk.

Energy Consultants Inc can help you develop a plan to address and explore the best combination of alternatives for your facilities.


In an article in "Buildings" magazine, BOMA International stated:

"By now, your company should have already implemented a complete energy management plan in response to your state’s deregulated status. If you are in a state that has not yet reached agreement on a restructuring plan, you should at the very least have undertaken a complete energy audit and familiarized yourselves with the myriad of choices that a competitive energy marketplace will present to you."

Legislative Close-up" August 2000

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