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What We Stand For

In any relationship, personal or business, it is important to know what the other parties’ values are, what they stand for, what their ideals are, what they believe, what forces drive their business or personal life and what they profess to be important. This would be an ideal situation, although most of life is not ideal.

For many companies their mission statement and goals are for internal communication only. We share our mission statements and objectives to give our clients and partners a frame of reference as to what we believe and hold to be important. We are not implying these beliefs and values should apply to every business or individual; nor do we feel they are necessarily the "ideal". They are, however, representative of where we are now and will grow and evolve as we do. Knowing what we stand for you have the right to challenge us if our actions are inconsistent with what we believe.

Our company was founded on the basis of stewardship. Granted that is a strange business term but it describes how our company approaches and manages our business. Our partnership or strategic alliance philosophy with the engineers, trade allies and other resources we use helps us effectively manage and utilize those resources, maximizing the utility of that expertise for our customers. Stewardship also means for our company that a portion of our revenues and time go to help others in the local and world communities, such as the mission work in Haiti & India and the Men's Breakfast.

The word stewardship also describes our approach to our customers’ business. Each of our clients in some way has responsibility for a number of resources, such as budgets, buildings, facilities, energies, etc. Our goal is to help our clients maximize the return on those assets. For example this could be looking at how efficiently energy is being used in the building or process, assessing how energy is purchased, is there adequate illumination for the employees to work effectively and safely, etc? If as a result of working with our customers we have identified initiatives that reduce overall energy consumption, then we have also been effective in environmental stewardship

We believe that as in the parable of the talents, stewardship is not burying your resources or continuing on at status quo but aggressively seeking to maximize the utility and return on those assets so at the end of the day we also hear, "Well done … "         


Our goal is to achieve market success by meeting our customers’ needs through provision of high quality, good value exceptional services and products and relevant pertinent information which will enable our customers to make informed and responsible choices.

We desire that all of our all business relationships, strategic alliances and partnerships are commercially viable, mutually beneficial and based on trust and respect.

It is our aim to insure wherever possible that human and civil rights are respected throughout our business and personal activities and relationships.

We are committed to work tirelessly to narrow the gap between principle and practice, while making fun, passion and care part of our daily lives.




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