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Energy Efficient Lighting - 

The beginning of Facility Energy Optimization

Our approach to optimizing a building's utilities focuses on the interdependence of all the buildings systems. Lighting impacts the heating and cooling systems and can impact worker productivity. Lighting retrofits usually provide quicker paybacks than other initiatives. For these reasons lighting is a good place to start. 

Lighting consumes about 15% of the electricity in the United States. In the Industrial sector lighting makes up about 7% of the electricity consumed at the facility. In the commercial sector this can be about 39% of the electricity consumed. Energy efficient retrofits can typically save 20 to 50% in the electrical energy consumed for lighting depending on the application and technology incorporated.

Lighting is for people. It impacts how we feel, how we interact and how productive we are. Lighting is also an art, it's impact can be dramatic or aesthetically pleasing. Bad lighting brings negative impacts.

Lighting also has an impact on the heating and cooling systems. A decrease in the lighting energy in a space reduces cooling requirements and may increase heating needs.

Our approach to evaluating lighting design and energy saving retrofits is to incorporate all these aspects in harmony to yield the most effective approach within our clients’ economic thresholds.

We can provide the following information and assistance:

bulletRecommended Illumination Levels    
bulletIncandescent Lamps    
bulletCompact Fluorescent Lamps    
bulletFluorescent Lamps & Ballasts 
bulletHigh Intensity Discharge lamps    
bulletLighting controls  & Ballasts  
bulletLighting Design & Layouts    
bulletNew product information

We are members of the Illuminating Engineering Society, and continually monitor new equipment and application information.

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