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Bill Auditing & Tracking Services - can include some or all of the following:

bulletAnalyze, monitor, benchmark monthly utility bills
bulletEvaluate for billing errors, overcharges, and that proper and best rate is being applied to the service
bulletLiaison with utilities and energy suppliers
bulletSolicit refunds and adjustments from Utilities when warranted
bulletBenchmark against other facilities including Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Performance Rating
bulletSeek out most advantageous rates or suppliers for current energy use, demands and load factors.
bulletVerify appropriate tax exempt status on each account
bulletIdentify changes or deviations from historical usage patterns and determine reasons for deviations; suggest corrective action if warranted
bulletIdentify and suggest more energy efficient options
bulletReview maintenance practices
bulletDevelop flow charts for emergency and maintenance procedures
bulletInvestigate power quality and power factor issues
bulletDevelop energy & utilities master plan and prioritize initiatives
bulletSolicit and help evaluate RFPs for viable energy & utility projects
bulletProvide information so staff can make intelligent and informed decisions

Evaluating historic energy usage, patterns and cost helps determine what makes your load and usage change. How does weather impact it? How does production or occupancy impact it? Once we understand those parameters we can then forecast the impacts of weather and efficiency upgrades or changes in operation and more accurately budget utility expenses. This information is also important for evaluating alternative supplier proposals and explaining variances in actual use versus budgeted amounts.

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